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Liam Mahoney - The Beatles Kid



"Greatest young man in the world" legendary pianist George Winston



Liam "The Beatles Kid" Mahoney poses next to a painting of John Lennon. 


by Nicole DeCosta

Lake Oswego Review

On Friday night not many people could get their shopping completed or make their dinner reservations on time. And they have 10-year-old singer and bass guitarist Liam Mahoney to blame.

Singing in the center of the Bridgeport Village shopping center alongside his dad - Tinh - on acoustic guitar, Liam belted out tunes from the Beatles and Bob Dylan in perfect pitch. Those walking by had to stop and take a listen.

"This is amazing, sid a woman, watching with her two kids. "He's like the child-sized Michael Jackson of rock music."

"I can't walk away," said Johnyne Donnelly of Sherwood with her 10-year-old son, Carson........


 Liam Mahoney poses in front of a Beatles mural right outside the Beatles Love

show in Las Vegas.

Liam Mahoney with his Beatles hat.





11 years old Liam Mahoney performs with his band.  This is a compilations of several Beatles tunes including: Hey Jude, Helter Skelter, Rocky Racoon, Back in the U.S.S.R, Come Together, and Money.

This is a video of Liam performing "For No One" with just an acoustic guitar, bass and vocals.


Liam, age 9, debuted his bass guitar playing at the Space, a local music venue in Salem, Oregon. His bass was a Christmas gift he got two weeks prior to this concert.  Liam 
has been learning how to play bass on a traditional guitar.  Notice Liam plays the 
bass right handed.  Liam is a left handed kid.
Liam Mahoney, winner of Best in Show Youth at the Salem Film Festival 2010
Check out the "Silver Falls" film that Liam made.

Statesman Journal article by Dee Moore


11 year old spends summer rocking 'n' rolling

Slumped over in his chair, 11-year-old Liam Mahoney is anything but awake.

The activity on the stage behind him as his band sets up for a show in Clockworks Cafe is the last thing on his mind.

His slight body slides closer to the floor. He looks as if he should be asleep, which is what he was just a moment before.

Liam is spending his summer in South Salem with his dad. During the school year he lives in Cissna Park, Ill., with his mom.

While in Oregon, the Salem native is on stage, playing classic rock 'n' roll. He has spent the summer playing shows all over the Willamette Valley and on the coast.

The Liam Mahoney Band includes his father, Tinh, playing lead guitar and singing up backup, Dane Kuester of Salem on drums and former Salem resident Stuart Sparkman on rhythm guitar and percussion.

Liam is quiet at first but becomes talkative when discussing his current interests.

As a big Beatles fan, Liam has created a show that's primarily a tribute to the Fab Four with a few other tunes thrown in as part of the sound check.

Although the band choice may seem unusual for a boy his age, he knows what he likes.

"I heard one of their songs, and I just started listening to them," he said.

It was "Across the Universe" from the Beatles' album "Let It Be." It's the song he starts his set with.

One song led to the band's entire catalog. Currently, Liam's favorite Beatles songs include "Hey Jude" and "Hide Your Love Away."

Liam, who plays bass, said that of all the music he plays, the Beatles songs are "a little bit harder" and more complex.

But his interest in the band has gone beyond their music. He appears to have developed a more personal connection with the group.

"He was always really friendly," Liam said of Paul McCartney. Then added, "They were all really friendly."

"I want to make it up to George and John," Liam said of the deceased members of the band. "I can't really see them, so why don't I play their music."

This was the start of what has been a full time summer gig.

Additionally, Liam avidly watches old Beatles video clips on YouTube.

Though he isn't in the school band and doesn't take private lessons, he is a dedicated young musician.

"I practice on my own. If I have a question, I call my dad," he said.

Liam is talented young man, but he isn't all about Beatles tunes or performing; he also enjoys video games and writing movie scripts. His two favorite directors are John Woo and Steven Spielberg. His favorite film is "Saving Private Ryan."

The young star is also on the market for the time being. "I'm single at the moment," he said with a big grin.




 Liam the Beatles Kid


Don't let his quite manner fool you, Liam Mahoney is an twelve year old music prodigy.  This precocious kid has already been featured in music festivals, coffee houses, private parties and Churches from the mid west to the west coast.  Both young and old, his fan base grows with each performance.  

Liam loves for music continue to grow.  The past year and a half Liam has been enamored with the Beatles music.  Four decades after their break-up, the Beatles' music is fresh to Liam.  He plays, listens, sings, sleeps, thinks, talks, blah, blah, blah... about the Beatles.   At the moment, he performs over three dozens Beatles' tunes.   His library continues to grow.  He is, to put it mildly, passionate.   

Even though he's a music prodigy child, Liam'd like to be a movie director someday.   Currently he's an award winning filmmaker.  Watch his first short film at the bottom of the page title "Silver Falls Oregon".  

 Liam at the Independence Amphitheater


High praise for his high voice and low bass:

"Greatest young man in the world."
George Winston


 "I can't stop smiling when I watch him perform.  Liam's the coolest." 

Jason Pollan

Guitarist for the Will Evans Project 



Jason Carter

Music producer/drummer of Frank Black and the Pixies


"Liam loves to lay it low with bass lines and a steady beat that's sweet!"

John Doan

Emmy-Nominated harp guitarist and recording artist


"I love this kid.  I am not sure where he got all this talent and good looks."

Tinh Mahoney

Guitarist, recording artist, filmmaker, and proud father


Liam Mahoney 



Liam loves World War II airplanes.  He's

at the McMinville Aviation and Space


Liam with John Doan

"Hey, dad! I can't jam with uncle John.

He's not plugged in."






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