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"Tinh's playing is musical and heartfelt."

                                                                                   - FRETS MAGAZINE

"A Vietnamese John Fahey."  

- Josh Mamis, New Haven Advocate, New Haven, Connecticut

Tinh - Vietnamese/American Guitarist, Storyteller & Filmmaker


Tinh is an internationally renowned Vietnamese/American guitarist, storyteller and filmmaker. His compositions and stories are derived from his experience growing up in the midst of the Viet Nam War, and his later years living in Pakistan, the Philippines, the United States and back to Viet Nam.

Tinh's warm and heartfelt messages are universal and timely.Through personal memories and his portrayal of the strength
and courage in all humanity, deep family love, and spirituality, Tinh reminds audience of their own experience in life, their own families and that which is all-important in their lives. Ever present is Tinh's appreciation for the "American Dream" and his gratitude for his freedom, security, and endless possibilities. 


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